Our People

ABG’s main strength is our people. We give utmost attention to recruit employees who share our values and commitment to work. We boast that we have a low employee turnover and we build a strong personal bond with all our employees. They are part of the Attard Bros. family. Regular social activities are held by the Group so as to build team spirit. A Social Action Team Committee is responsible to ensure the staging and co-ordination of these social events.

Our management team is professionally prepared and brings together a wide range of academic qualifications and work experiences. They are encouraged to consistently strive to keep abreast with developments in their field of specialisation. Our management realises that they are only as productive as the employees for which they are responsible. Project managers and supervisors shoulder significant responsibility for day-to-day operations. They play a critical role in ensuring customer focus and the timely completion of projects. They try to get it right, first time round. This entails adequate planning and continuous communications. Our other employees are skilled, hard-working and loyal. They have proved time and again to be highly motivated and flexible. They are encoraged to build a career within the Group. Every employee has a valid contribution to make to our work and to the growth of the Group.

We are proud to work as one team!