New Grand Fimbank Offices

September 2013

Another commercial project that was entrusted and delivered in a timely, efficient manner by Attard Bros is the new grand offices of Fimbank.  This strikingly outstanding 10 storeys building located right in the heart of St Julian’s namely ‘Mercury Tower’ has been accomplished from start to finish by ourselves.

Our professional team consisting of local and international ability provided the entire Shell and Core Construction. This structure includes 5 floors below ground level covering approx. 1100m² each and another 10 floors above ground covering approx. 850m² each.

We have also managed and provided all temporary services throughout the whole cycle of this project. These services included fully supporting the Shell and Core, E&M Installations, external envelope works and hard landscaping.

Our skilful team also took part in the finishing phase which resulted in this aesthetically wonderful  and stylish structure. Silicato rendering, water proofing and full time supervision were some of our assignments.  We were also providing specific consultancy services related to our undertaking.

Our final engagement to wholly complete this project was the hard landscaping. The material for this significant finishing detail was manufactured in house by our production plant. Works were carried out in Fimbank’s private car park and the adjacent pavements.