ThermaBlock Malta


After identifying the shift towards energy efficiency, particularly with the introduction of insulation Malta products in construction, Attard Bros recognized the need to have a block with mechanical properties similar to standard hollow core blocks but developing it to be a building element that also maintains ‘quasi-ideal’ temperature closer to the thermal comfort range inside a building.

The AB ThermaBlock is a sandwiched precast concrete block cast using normal density limestone concrete aggregates, ordinary Portland cement and an insulated layer of medium density expanded polystyrene.

The concept behind this novel block is to produce a structural element similar to the existing HCB, but with greater thermal properties. AB ThermaBlock is made out of three elements; a load bearing brick which has known qualities of thermal inertia,which acts as a heat sink, in both summer and winter, an insulation layer and a protective skin on the outside. The air cavity is retained to assist in thermal performance, reducing thickness of insulation as well as acting as a moisture barrier.

thermablock_2_thermal_comfort_temperature_fluctuations_value_added_sound_attenuation thermablock3_video


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ThermaBlock Projects

Click here to view some of the projects currently being built with AB ThermaBlock.