CE Marking

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CE Marking

CE marking is a product compliance mark used and legally recognised by the twenty seven European Union countries including The European Free Trade Area and Switzerland.

The letters ‘’CE’’ are an abbreviation of the French words ‘’Conformité Européenne’’, which means European Conformity. The CE marking is a mandatory European marking for a wide range of products including the majority of construction related products.

The Declaration of Performance (DOP) is the most important document supporting the CE marking because it contains the full information about the manufacturer, the product and its performance.

The CE label is only a summary of the information contained in the Declaration of Performance (DOP) document.

CE label & DOP – 6 inch block

CE label & DOP – 7 inch block

CE label & DOP – 9 inch block [single]

CE label & DOP – 9 inch block [double]

6 inch block Datasheet

7 inch block Datasheet

9 inch block [single] Datasheet

9 inch block [double] Datasheet