IMPORTANT: To our customers and business partners

Be aware of fraudulent emails, SMS’s or phone calls that impersonate Attard Bros Group, its sub companies or employees.

These scams will seem genuine as they will use the Attard Bros Group name, possibly the name of its employees know by you and will have the logo / branding of Attard Bros Group or its sub companies.

They will likely include an attractive offer or opportunity (purchase order, request for quotation, possibility to win something, to obtain a contract, etc.) and will always convey a sense of urgency.


If you receive such a suspicious message via phone call, email or SMS, we recommend you inform your internal IT Security team if applicable and / or reach out to Attard Bros Group through our official channels:

T: 23 384 296
E: info@attardbros.com

Protect yourself – Be Aware of how you can catch a scam!

  • Look out for the sender’s number. Be extra cautious, a sender’s number can be spoofed to show a legitimate phone number! Some scammers use technology to make their messages look as though they are from the company.
  • Look out for spelling and grammatical mistakes. These can be in the sender’s name, email address, in the text or in the link provided within the message.
  • Messages indicating urgency are usually scams. These will try to create a sense of panic and fear so that you are more easily tricked into giving out personal details. Is the message or phone call relevant or expected? If not, ignore the message and delete it.  Terminate the communication immediately.