Our History

Our History

Back in 1977, Michael Attard and his brother Sander started doing some odd painting and plastering jobs as their first job at the age of 19. Later that year the two brothers started working in construction and built their first project in 1978. That is when Attard Bros as a company came about.

Since the beginning Attard Bros has always been driven by family values, trust, honesty and quality.

Working with only two trucks and ten other employees, Michael and Sander started taking on more construction jobs and they never looked back. At first they started working from their parent’s place in Mgarr but soon they needed more space and storage for their trucks and machinery so they bought a garage in Mosta, which was their first warehouse and office. But they soon out grew the place and they bought another garage in Birkirkara before moving to the 45,000 square meter plant where we know it today in Ta’ Qali and have stayed ever since.

Once moving to Ta’ Qali, Michael started diversifying and producing construction materials, which was necessary for the industry they were in. The first plant they invested in was a concrete batching plant and 5 ready mix trucks. But soon after, in this fast paced growth, they invested in a brick making plant, steel reinforcement plant, joinery factory and a concrete plank making facility.

The first projects taken on by the company involved a number of government housing flats and schools. One of the biggest projects taken on in these primary years was the Mistra Village which consisted of 60 flats and a sports complex.

In 1986, the company grew and employed over 200 employees. Taking on bigger projects, expanding their expertise and horizon. But, 1990 came and Sander parted his way and Michael took on the company on his own. As the work and number of projects continued to increase, Michael was bold in deciding to invest in a bigger brick making plant, which at the time used to produce around 7000 bricks daily. Everyone thought he was too ambitious in investing in such machinery since bricks were not the most popular building material in those times, but he was right on the ball and managed to make a success out of it, as the demand for bricks in an ever growing industry increased more than ever.

Over the years the company worked on various prestigious projects that shaped the development of Malta as a country. From schools to hotels, the Malta International Airport, the Power Station, the Malta Freeport, office blocks, restaurants, own developments and much more.

The company also undertook projects off shores, in Libya, when Attard Bros were entrusted with building the luxurious 5 star Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel.

Turning a new leaf, Michael’s children started reaching an age where they wanted to contribute to the family business. First the daughters, Denise and Maria joined the company diversifying the business and opening 2 furniture retail shops. Later the eldest son, Carl joined the company at the age of 18. At first he started his experience and gathering knowledge by working within all the units of the Group so he can first hand understand the manual work and the essence of the day to day. Growing and showing more determination Carl took a more leading role within the company and to date occupies the role of Managing Director. Finally Noel, the youngest joined the Group, as well working within most units of the company, and later taking on the role of property manager.

In 2014, the family decided to expand and diversify the Group by opening a DIY retail outlet in Malta,
BigMat. From the initial stages, Noel and Denise took a more hands on role on this new project for the Group and since then Noel now occupies the role of Shop Manager and Denise is the Procurement and Warehouse Manager within BigMat.

Always focused and determined the Group continued to grow and investing in more human resources to sustain this growth. The Group now, all these years later employs over 380 employees within the offices and admin, construction, production, sales and retail departments.