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Building Solutions

Attard Bros Construction Materials

Family-owned company, Attard Bros Group offers a flexible and comprehensive solution to address the needs of professionals and consumers for their construction projects. From manufacturing of construction materials to distribution of an extensive range of quality tools, equipment and material for professionals, home owners and DIY enthusiasts, including contracting services, real-estate developments and joinery, we have built our reputation on our expertise and an absolute commitment to quality.

Attard Bros Construction Materials is the seamless progression of this experience into the future, to effectively offer our expertise to all players in the construction industry by providing a selection of proven quality, innovative, sustainable products, innovation, sustainability and our reliable technical sales support.

Our selection of worksite equipment and materials, including personal protective equipment, electrical panels, power tools and all the products in our warehouse in general are the same ones we use daily on our worksites. We test them before introducing them to the market, and therefore when we decide to do so we know that they are trustworthy.

Reliable products and materials that will meet your quality needs at the right price



We provide waterproofing solutions to meet our clients requirements. There are no hard and fast rules about leak prevention and repairs, each phase is treated individually. At Attard Bros Construction Materials we offer liquid waterproofing. bitumen membrane, cement membrane and sealing tapes. Our liquid waterproofing is so easy to apply that it very popular with both our DIY and professional customers.


By insulating the outside of your home or commercial premises, you are getting an extra layer of protection to keep your climate control on the inside of your building while keeping your heating and cooling bills will be lower. At Attard Bros Construction Materials we supply rigid thermal insulation board made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam produced according to climate- friendly CO2 technology. XPS is mainly used as thermal insulation for walls and facades. One can also find rockwool roofing and partition insulation, adhesive mortar for XPS and EPS and all the installation supplies.


Everything you need to complete gypsum wall lining, partitions and ceiling systems, regardless of the size and complexity of the project specification. At Attard Bros Construction Materials we supply gypsum boards [normal/humid/fire], corners and channels, gypsum adhesives and all the installation supplies needed to get the job done. We also supply a range of plasters, finatura and cement to offer a total finishing solution.


Attard Bros Construction Materials has you covered with all of the tiling and flooring needs, from tile adhesives, cutters, spacers and grouting. Browse our selections to find different coloured grouting, levels and all of your flooring tools and supplies requirements.


Whatever your next paint project may be, we offer paint and painting supplies to help you get the job done. Anything from interior paint and exterior paint. But before you start any painting make sure you have all the prep supplies to guarantee you do a good job. Starting off with masking tape, covering sheets, a wide range of rollers and brushes, paint trays and even sand paper to have you covered.



Attard Bros Construction Materials offers a wide range of tools commonly used by most contractors for trade works. To ensure you’re prepared, we stock a variety of hand tools and power tools, from drillers, jig saws, grinders to jack hammers and much more. Attard Bros Construction Materials carries high-quality top brands like Truper tools, top of the hammers, screw drivers, levels and all your toolbox tool requirements. Keep everything organized with our tool bags and boxes, so you know that you are always ready for whatever job that comes your way.


Here at Attard Bros Group, we know how important quick assembly and disassembly of scaffolding is to save downtime during construction.
Cuplock system is the most efficien multi-purpose steel scaffold for general access and shoring applications. Cuplock is distinguished by its unique node point connection, from which the name, which allows up to four components to be connected in one easy fastening action.

It is ideal for a wide range of applications including continuous façade, circular scaffold, birdcage access and staircase access.


Cuplok’s unique locking action makes it the fastest, safest, most economical & widely-used scaffolding system in the world. Speed of erection and simplicity are the keys to its success. Designed to be tough, Cuplock system is highly resistant to damage.

The success of Cuplock lies in the ‘node point’ or fastening method. Four horizontals can be fastened at one time, making a very rigid connection. The horizontals bear directly on to the verticals and are firmly clamped by the action of the top cup.

There are no loose parts to lose. Cuplock is made from the highest quality steel providing great strength while being light and easy to handle.


We also provide all the necessary accessories for the installation of a reliable and safe scaffold. These also include our anti-dust net, effective, shading and wind-resistant, to keep even neighbours happy.


Our experience in the field of construction allows us to select the most effective solutions for our customers. That is why, as a basic service, we can offer a wide range of components for wooden shuttering. We also rent other formwork systems for large construction sites on request.

Wooden formwork is a staple in the construction industry due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness. It’s particularly valued for its ease of processing; wood can be cut, shaped, and fastened together to fit the unique geometrical requirements of various components, making it ideal for customized projects. This adaptability is a significant advantage when constructing complex structures or intricate designs which are typical of the Maltese building scene. 

The lightweight nature of wood also contributes to its popularity in formwork applications. It facilitates easier handling and transportation, which, in turn, expedites the construction process especially in small to medium construction sites or where accessibility is limited to small vehicles.
With proper maintenance and storage, the lifespan of wooden formwork can be maximized, contributing to a more sustainable construction practice. In summary, wooden formwork stands out in the realm of construction for its ease of processing, accessibility, lightweight nature, and cost-efficiency.
At the same time, imprinted in the concrete, the texture of the wooden formwork evokes a universal style, celebrated by the masters of modern architecture.


If you need on-site machinery you came to the right place. At Attard Bros Construction Materials we stock brick cutting machinery and concrete mixers to make your job easier and safer. We also provide electrical panels, power tools and any kind of small tools and consumables you may need.

All the products in our warehouse in general are the same ones we use daily on our worksites. We test them before introducing them to the market, and therefore when we decide to do so we know that they are trustworthy.
Reliable products and materials that will meet your quality needs at the right price


At Attard Bros Construction Materials we know that safety is a priority for your everyone in the trades. No matter your sector the aim is to keep you and your staff. We supply anything from the basic high visibility vests, helmets, gloves, eye protection and ear muffs. We also offer more professional and specific safety equipment like fall protection harnesses, hazard communication, cones, rebar safety caps and much more.
Find high-quality, dependable safety equipment that complies with all safety regulations to keep yourself and your employees safe while on the job.



We’ve got all the material you need to create that functional outdoor spaces that are aesthetically pleasing. From soft to hard landscaping, Attard Bros Construction Materials is your one stop shop for your outdoors.


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