A Challenge around the number 65

As a passionate runner our CEO Michael Attard planned and celebrated his 65th birthday on 26th September 2022 by organizing and taking part in a special fundraising event for voluntary organizations and charities in support of their very worthy causes.

65th birthday, 65km run, with the aim to collect €65,000. The fundraising event was a success as a good number of companies, employees, family and friends contributed to this very worthy cause and the total sum collected was €115,000.

The full amount was donated to the NGO’s as listed below, on Friday 23rd September.

  1. €10,000 – Inspire Malta – The foundation for inclusion
  2. €10,000 – Klarissi Sisters Malta
  3. €10,000 – Richmond Foundation
  4. €10,000 – Hospice Malta
  5. €10,000 – Caritas Malta
  6. €10,000 – ALS Malta
  7. €27,500 – Puttinu Cares Foundation
  8. €27,500 – Dar tal-Providenza

This good cause is regulated by ‘The Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations.

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