Health and Safety Week – 2021

At Attard Bros, H&S Week has now become an integral part of our annual calendar. As a Group, H&S has always been a priority on our agenda and this year we are joining our efforts to organize a better and more effective H&S Week. We have also engaged with our sister company BigMat operating in the consumer segment to promote H&S importance not only with its employees but also the public. The objective of this week is to continue to raise awareness about the importance of good H&S practices at the place of work and further educating our employees. We will be promoting different aspects of safety by delivering training and talks for all employees, focusing on the importance of safety at the workplace. We will also be distributing educational material to employees as we believe that constant learning together with a strong H&S culture are critical in creating a safe workplace. Speaking about culture, for Attard Bros Group the H&S Week today serves as an important building block in building a safety culture amongst our people. 

What is the long-term vision for the H&S week? 

Our long-term vision for the H&S Week apart from making an impact on our employees and creating a safer working environment we have always believed this can be part of something bigger. As a Group we want to inspire other companies to give importance to H&S at the place of work and maybe inspire them to do the same. One day we would like to see all construction companies in Malta organizing a H&S week for their employees. 

The motto WORK SAFE – HOME SAFE, why is this important to the organisation?

WORK SAFE – HOME SAFE is our H&S motto at Attard Bros Group. This fully incorporates a fundamental priority to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, sub-contractors & the public. When coming up with this motto we wanted to create something simple that can be understood by everybody and that incorporates everything we believe in. While the motto has been developed in the recent years, we are confident to say that providing a safe working environment has always been a priority since our inception. With various efforts and constant investment, we communicate this with our employees on a regular basis to ensure that everyone is aligned with this message.



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