AX Group Business Centre – By Eurocraft

We are pleased to include another interesting project to our impressive portfolio of custom joinery projects for 2020.

The new AX Group Business Centre in Mosta, is spread over an area of more than 12,000 sqm., of which 3,000 sqm are dedicated to the office space spread over two floors. The Business Centre was designed by Architect Philip Micallef with interior design by Architect Dorianne Ellis.

For this prestigious project, Eurocraft and Joinwell teamed up as a joint venture. Considering the stringent timeframes imposed on this project and the wide range of works required, this collaboration surely offered the adequate resources, capacity and increased technical expertise to meet the expectations and requirements of our client. Besides handling the part of manufacturing and supply of products, Eurocraft was also responsible for the overall project management. This included budgeting and estimates, activity and resource planning, managing all technical areas of the project including shop drawings production, material procurement and other related tasks.    

The offices included various office departments, reception areas, waiting halls, meeting rooms, staff canteens, kids’ area, hot desks, multi-use rooms, expo room and a board room. The customization level of this project speaks for itself. Every executive and operational office offers its unique yet integrated design concept. These included custom-made desks, filing cabinets, reception counters, meeting tables, wall paneling and many other be-spoke features.

Considering the very limited timeframe available for this project, we immediately started working on this challenging project. Our staff was in fact able to quickly understand the objectives and strict commitments on this project, and as such were able to react and adapt accordingly to the overall requirements of the project.

Various discussions took place with the client and Arch. Ellis to visualize the overall project intent, the materials proposed, the detailing and quality levels expected. These discussions were soon followed by the submission of samples of various timber material, finishes and hardware. This enabled us to proceed in the ordering of material and subsequent shop drawings production. Our team offered full cooperation and assistance to other trades, including M&E’s, gypsum, lighting during the overall progress of works. Such coordination is crucial in ensuring that all respective trades keep in line with the overall project specification, prior final installation of our works on site.         

We are proud to have completed this challenging project within the projected timescale, despite the many obstacles created by the pandemic. We believe that our proven capabilities in dealing with fast-track projects, together with our extensive technical experience on similar projects have once again proved crucial in meeting our client’s exigencies and expectations. Projects like this with such high level of customization, elevated quality standards and challenging timeframes, are surely the best scenario for our company to provide the client, peace of mind and “added value” to the project.     

We would also like to thank the Directors and Management team of AX Group, Arch. Ellis and their technical team in entrusting us with this prestigious project.

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